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Wave Periosd on GFS

I assume on your GFS model you are merging the WW3 model with GFS, is that correct?

If so, would it be possible to also add wave period into the GFS as a parameter for the user to choose?

Currently I find myself looking at both models, and if it was all in GFS would be a bit quicker.

Also, I realize WW3 only goes to 10N in the Caribbean. However, another weather site I use, windguru.cz, somehow is able to display wave height and period for those locations. Any thoughts on how they do this, and if it would be possible to add this to Weathertrack. I think they do some interpolation on the points south, so maybe its not a great idea anyway. Just offering up suggestions.

Very happy with the app. Works well, and is nice to have a good Grib viewer so handy. Thanks for the good work.
Permalink Mark  
December 31st, 2011 12:26a.m.

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