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Problems using satellite data port with WeatherTrack

Generally WeatherTrack should work fine for this kind of set up. The timed out could mean that the IP address or port number that WeatherTrack uses is blocked in your firewall. If the progress bar never appears, this might be the case.

Does the download start at all? If the time out happens while the download is already in progress, the download may be too large to be retrieved easily while the Iridium satellite(s) are in reach. In the top left corner of the map selection screen (the blue and yellow map) the estimated file size is shown, for Iridium downloads you should limit yourself to rather small downloads. A few things where you can do save download size:

* Do not request too many days (e.g. 3 instead of 8).
* Do only request layers you really need.
* Check if you can use a larger forecast interval, e.g. every 6 hours instead of every 3.
* Reduce the grid resolution, for example use a 1 deg resolution instead of 0.5.

If you have further questions, especially firewall issues, please contact
support@weathertrack.us for further assistance.
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October 13th, 2012 10:47p.m.

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