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WeatherTrack GRIB Support

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Downloading GRIBs into single file via email with Grib Robot

Please note that the setting in WeatherTrack "Use XGate for email" refers to the XGate family of apps, which includes the Iridium mail and web app. If this switch is turned off, WeatherTrack will always attempt to request using the iOS built-in mail client without consulting any external apps.

The ability to merge multiple requests in one refers to downloading GRIB files via the WeatherTrack area selection map (also using the refresh button to refresh an already downloaded GRIB file). If you for example select a forecast with the GFS model that should include wave height as well as current, then the request has to be split up to three servers (e.g. one for waves, one for GFS, one fore current). WeatherTrack will send this as one request to the GRIB Robot, which will download the files and combine the results from all three servers.
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July 2nd, 2016 4:35p.m.

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