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weathertrack use very often, for me is the best program for pads, I noticed some problems when I open for the second time even after a few minutes, the program does not return to the home page, where there is at the bottom of the i pad where there is 50 100 magnification overview .... to get back weathertrack this first page I have to remove from memory with the double click, and then open it again, so I can go back to the home page, and use magnification.
I would like to know when the pads are in the page magnification, like going to see much more on the page, such as when accessing the home page I weathertrack europe after resample to go in central Italy, where they are, and okay, from this point, central Italy should return to the vision of Europe, I do not know how to do, I hope that there are improvements, is the best program for me, something as soon as you reply
Permalink Enrico  
November 18th, 2011 9:16p.m.

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